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2/14/2002 (7:15pm)


Triskilites are tripod-legged creatures who rely on psi ability and smell to locate or hunt prey. Four tentacles protrude from its eye-less maw, which can launch out spikes ala an organic grappling hook. They hunt in nests from 3-10 in number, and can see through illusions. They possess some degree of cunning. They usually reside deep within caverns or abandoned buildings. They have no interest in anything except nest expansion, intruders, or food. A triskilitian nest contains 1-5 eggs (about the size of an average bowling ball), which are multi-colored, often mistaken for large gems. It is always guarded. Telepathic contact will show them to be quite reasonable, and they will not attack unless threatened or hungry. They rarely involve themselves in outside affairs, however.